Graceful Waters ebook

"...I'm sending you and that smart mouth of yours to Sapling Hill." The judge's words meant nothing to Grace Waters. He was just another disapproving voice in a long line of disapproving voices. Grace learned at an early age not to trust, not to reach out, not to believe. She'd do her time at Sapling Hill and move on with her life. She didn't need anyone.

Joanna Carey, senior instructor at Sapling Hill, wasn't looking for anything more than completing one more year at the facility and getting that much closer to her private dream--a small cabin on a quiet lake. She was touch, smart, and she had a plan for her life.

When tough instructor Carey meets angry and disillusioned Grace Waters, neither is prepared for what comes next. Stubborn and angry Grace meets her match in Carey, the strong and disciplined woman who is determined to help Grace help herself. What Carey is not expecting is that Grace will break through her defenses. Together, they will change each other's lives in ways that neither thought possible.

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